Kaley Cuoco Places Way Too Much Significance On Her Breasts, But You Do You Kaley

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Another day, another celebrity admitting to plastic surgery procedures!  Before you jump down my throat, please know that this isn't a judge-y post about how every woman should adopt the Duggar mentality of living your life with the physical features and denim skirts God gave you.  Nay, this post is about my frustration with Kaley Cuoco‘s misplaced significance on her breasts.

Because while boobs are great and fun and sometimes we make them bigger, and sometimes we make them smaller, and they have a great functionality in relation to babies…at the end of the day, they're just boobs.  And they shouldn't define you or your career.  [This is the part where you raise your right hand in the air, palm-out, and shout “Amen, Cassy!”]

Recently, Kaley admitted to getting breast implants when she was 18 (aka barely done growing) and working on 8 Simple Rules by calling it “the best decision I ever made.”  Okay… really?!  That's the answer I would expect from an 18-year-old who just got them done and is relishing in her teenage-boy-spank-bank icon status.  Not the answer a 29-year-old newlywed with an established career on the rise.  She's basically saying she owes everything she has, success-wise, to her fake boobs.  Sigh.

I think what I find most disappointing about this is that I don't completely doubt that The Best Decision Ever OMG helped her, if you consider Big Bang Theory in high regard.  Double sigh.

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