Kacey Musgraves Threw Amazing Shade At The CMAs — This GIF Is Priceless

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Miranda Lambert best new artist CMAs 2013 GIFKacey Musgraves reaction face CMAs 2013 GIF

I'm pretty far out of the country music scene, so can someone tell me — is there some kind of beef going on between Miranda Lambert and Kacey Musgraves? They were both at the Country Music Awards last night, and I couldn't help but pick up some extremely frosty vibes in the air. Partly because my coworker Meg pointed it out and partly because it was ohmygod so blatantly obvious, but mostly because I'm a top-shelf celebrity detective, and you can't sneak anything by me.

Miranda has just won Female Vocalist of the Year, and she's onstage doing her due dilligence, pointing out what an honor it was to be nominated in the same category as all these talented women, blah blah blah. She says a few kind words to non-feminist Kelly Clarkson, gushes a little at Pinnacle Award recipient Taylor Swift, praises Carrie Underwood‘s performance…and thennnnn she gets to Kacey. She pauses for a second like she's not gonna say anything to her at all, and then in the spirit of fairness (and also because I think you must be legally prohibited from saying anything non-positive at the CMAs), she goes for it:

“Kacey, congratulations on New Artist, that was awesome. East Texas girls gotta stick together.”

Short, to the point, polite, fun, sure. But then it cuts to Kacey's face at 2:58 and ohmygod she is ICE COLD. Deadpan. If looks could kill. Throw that shade — no mercy. I haven't seen a glare like that since Tommy Lee Jones at the Golden Globes last year. It's amazing. Start watching at 2:38 to get the full effect.

What the hell happened between these two? This can't all be about jealousy over Miranda winning the award. Did Miranda kill Kacey's prize show pony? Or run her tractor into a crick? Or sleep with her lyin' cheatin' schemin' husband? (Remember earlier when I said I didn't know much about the country music scene? That was a true fact.) Regardless of what happened, I'll just be at my desk watching this amazing GIF for the rest of the day. BRUTAL.