JWOWW Launched A Bikini Line And It Looks Like Underwear

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Jenni Farley‘s got a new line of bikinis called, appropriately enough, JWOWW by Perfect Tan. And with their lace trim and lack of straps, these suits totally look like lingerie! Although I suppose they're for lying on the beach and tanning for days on end and not for any kind of actual swimming.

Here's the big draw of the line, other than the celebrity name: the bikinis use some sort of silicone technology that keeps the tops of the suits adhered to your body even if you remove the straps. About the wares, Jenni said: “I wanted my line to be stylish and functional, so getting the perfect tan could be hassle-free. Now you can be sexy and tan-line-free at the same time,” Farley says of her designs.

(via Too Fab)