JWoww’s Surprisingly Smart Response To Bristol Palin’s Bigotry Almost Makes Me Like Her

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It's extremely rare that I hear a cast member of Jersey Shore speak aloud and agree with what they're saying. It's so rare that I can't remember it ever happening before this very morning when I read JWoww's tweet to Bristol Palin about gay marriage.

As you may have heard from your racist neighbor, President Obama legalized anything-goes-marriages this week. Yep, that's right. You can now marry your dog AND your favorite kitchen table. Oh and you can adopt children as soon as the marriages go through. You can actually adopt ALL the children. Everyone know kids fare better when they're raised by a mother, a beloved family pet and an inanimate piece of furniture.

Or so Bristol Palin would have you believe that's what Obama thinks with her incredibly bigoted response to his announcement that he's pro gay marriage. There's no need to infuriate you so early in the morning,  so I'll just sum it up for you. “Gay marriage is wrong. Obama is wrong. Kids do better with a married mother and father.”

Shaking your head right now thinking about the fact that holier-than-thou Bristol Palin birthed a baby out of wedlock at 17 with Levi Johnson? And that Levi Johnson just announced last month that he's expecting another child with another woman he's not married to? As much as I hate anyone who preaches about made-up family values, I can at least try to listen to someone who's actually living by the values they preach about. Bristol Palin? Not so much.

JWoww completely agreed with me (probably because we both spell our names the same way) and tweeted out the following:

Clap. Clap. Clap.

JWoww wins my favorite celebrity of the day vote for crafting a surprisingly smart response to Bristol Palin's ridiculous blog entry. She simplifies it for us so well. “Stop hating people” sums up the entire situation for me.

What about for you?

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