Justin Timberlake’s Dystopian Thriller ‘In Time’ Sure Loves to Throw Out the Time Puns

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After wowing us in The Social Network and proving himself a viable romantic lead in Friends with Benefits, Justin Timberlake could pick from a pretty broad range of roles for his follow-up and be guaranteed that movie audiences will go along with it. But his next project is kind of pushing the limits of anyone‘s attention span: In Time, a Logan's Run-type of dystopian tale where people never age past 25 because time has replaced money as currency, and the poor have to dole out minutes just to eke by in society. The official trailer is out, and right now the movie is wobbling between “high-minded thriller” and “silly-as-all-get-out.” The many puns about “time is money,” etc. aren't helping its case.

Let's review a few more of the puns as we introduce you to the major characters.

  • “Just once, I'd like a little more time on my hand than hours in the day.” – That's Will Salas (Justin), our Everyman protagonist. It appears that Will slaves away at a labor job and barely makes enough time to last him to the next day. You see, once your time runs out, your body just stops.
  • “Don't waste my time.” – A mysterious rich guy played by White Collar‘s Matt Bomer, who is 105 years old and tired of living. He transfers about 116 years to Will's clock and then lets himself die. Unfortunately, he couldn't have left a note that tells the cops that he gave his time to Will without coercion, and now the poor guy is on the run.
  • “You know that time will get you killed!” – The Big Bang Theory‘s Johnny Galecki, playing Will's ghetto buddy.
  • “I can help you get all the time you want.” – Amanda Seyfried, in an absurd fake bob, as Will's rich hostage-turned-accomplice.
  • “His crime wasn't taking time… He was giving it away.” – Cillian Murphy as the cop chasing after Will. What do you want to bet he'll come to realize how corrupt the time system really is?

But then again, a world where Olivia Wilde pretends that Justin is her son could be just entertaining enough for us.