Justin Timberlake May Play Daddy Warbucks In Annie…He’s A Little Young, No?

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Justin Timberlake's album release party the 20/20 Experience March 2013It sounds like we probably won't get that TimberBreak we ordered yesterday from all this Justin Timberlake saturation, because there are now rumors going around that he'll star as Daddy Warbucks in the remake of the movie Annie. The project is backed by Jay-Z and Will Smith and already has Quvenzhané Wallis in the title role, so it sounds like a good situation, but…JT is a little young to play Daddy Warbucks, no? I mean Cousin Warbucks, maybe, or even Nephew Warbucks, but Daddy? The guy is thirty-two years old — still two years younger than my dad was when he had me, which is the bar by which all familial situations should be judged.

But regardless, doesn't Daddy Warbucks have a big bald head? And some face wrinkles? And rippling muscles? And a nose piercing? And those black studded leather chaps with really clean-smelling hands? Wait you know what? I think I just started describing Mr. Clean coming out of a leather bar. I'm sorry about that. I think the only accurate descriptor in that sentence might've been the fact that he has a bald head. BUT ANYWAY. Justin's reps have denied the rumors, but he has such a good working relationship with Jay and so many other ventures going on right now that I wouldn't be surprised if this ended up happening.

But whether it does or not, the project will be directed by the same guy who did Easy A, and Jay-Z will be working on the soundtrack in addition to producing. And if all else fails, Justin can play Miss Hannigan. I'm actually not entirely opposed to that notion.

(Image: Brian To / WENN.com)