Enjoy This GIF Of Justin Timberlake Making Fun Of Taylor Swift Before She Writes A Song About It

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Justin Timberlake Taylor Swift AMAs surprise face

(via Vulture)

The 2013 American Music Awards were last night. Did you watch? If you didn't, I'll sum it up for you. Lady Gaga rode in on her high horse made of humans, and then it was pretty much one long concert. And every once in a while they gave an award to Justin Timberlake or Taylor Swift. They tied for most awards — three, which is a lot considering they gave out what felt like eight awards all night — but Taylor took home Artist of the Year. It must have been pretty hard on Justin, since I think he was in the early stages of building a new house onstage for himself. To live in with Jimmy Fallon, of course. Who's Jessica Biel again?

Before Taylor received the big award, however, she and Justin had a little moment as he went up to accept his second award of the night. It's now immortalized in GIF form, and I'll be staring at it all day. You may or may not be familiar with Taylor Swift's tendency to make a surprised face when she wins awards. Apparently Justin is familiar with it, because he decided to mock it right in front of her. Wow, he's getting bold.

While you might interpret this as just a fun moment between two disgustingly successful people when they know the cameras are rolling, I choose not to. Mostly because it's more fun to imagine them as archenemies. I like to think that while it looks like Justin's just playfully mouthing, “Oh my God!” what that actually translates to in the language of the very famous is, “I will end you.” And while it looks like Taylor is just playing along like a good sport, she's already writing a new song in her head about the incident. It will include the very sad line, “I'll never be surprised again.” I'm sure she went home and had a long talk with Meredith about it over a cup of tea. And Meredith was like, “Sure I watched the show. You left the TV on for me. Why wouldn't I watch? What's with the third degree?”