Justin Timberlake Goes To Taco Bell After People’s Choice, Is All ‘This Is What People Do, Right?’

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Last night the People's Choice Awards were handed out, and if there's one choice people love to make, it's the choice to award Justin Timberlake with things. So naturally he walked away from the ceremony with three new awards to add to his collection: Favorite Album, Favorite Male Artist and Favorite R&B artist. Then he decided to do that thing celebrities do where they're all dressed up and high on their award win and are craving attention fast food. Obviously he chose to go to Taco Bell and Instagram it.

Justin captioned the photo above: “What do we do after we win 3 PCAs?!?! Easy… Go to Taco Bell!! People's Champ, baby!!” Rumor has it that first question is actually what he asked his entourage (excluding Jessica Biel, obvs) when the awards were over. “What do people choose to do, besides give me things? I want to show my appreciation. Do they take out the trash? I saw someone do that once. No, wait! Let's go to Taco Bell. I heard normal people eat dinner there every night. Time to blow some minds!”

Then he officially dubbed himself “People's Champ,” tapping his own shoulders with a scepter, and strutted into Taco Bell. After pushing his way behind the counter and carefully arranging his awards, he posed for a few pictures and crossed “Write thank you note to People for my awards” off his to-do list. We can't be sure if he actually bought anything to eat there, or if eating the food is even required to earn a “Celebrities — They're Just Like Us!” card. You might just have to throw up a couple of bunny ears (a trend I didn't think survived past 1999), make a funny face, and go home to eat foie gras by a fireplace that burns money. I admittedly have a lot of unusual ideas about how celebrities spend their time, so I could be wrong.

And that's the story of Justin Timberlake's trip to Taco Bell.

(Photo: Instagram)