Justin Timberlake Performs ‘Suit and Tie’ For Superbowl Party, Forgets Tie

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In his first live performance in five years, Justin Timberlake whipped out “Suit and Tie” last night for Mark Cuban‘s Superbowl party.  While he did not forget his cummerbund, he did perform the song sans tie.  I'm sure it'll blow up into a huge scandal at some point today.

During the hour-long concert, the audience was treated to Jay-Z, a 10-piece orchestra, JT's newly flat-ironed pompadour hairstyle, and his signature dance moves. I must admit–and I admit this with the utmost reluctance–I do fall victim to Justin Timberlake when he's performing.  Even when it's in a giant soup can suit on SNL.  I can't help it.  I consistently battle with myself on whether I think he's really attractive, and just when I'm ready to write him off he comes out with new music and a new video and wins me over with his falsetto and a booty-pop.  Trivial though it may be, the “do I, don't I” war I wedge with myself takes up a good portion of my life's procrastination schedule.  I hated him in ‘N Sync, and I love him now.  I'm okay with that.

Since the last time JT performed in correlation with a Superbowl lead to the exposing of a boob, last night's performance was satisfyingly wardrobe malfunction-free.  Unless you count the missing tie as a malfunction (and believe me I do), all went well.



(Photo: WENN)