Here’s The New Justin Timberlake Song That Everyone Will Obsess Over Today

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Justin Timberlake nsyncTo the surprise of almost every single person, actor Justin Timberlake announced last week that he wanted to make music again. And he announced it in a cryptic video that we can now say had Jodie Foster levels of “I think I know what he's trying to say, but I can't be sure at all because he's saying it in such an odd way.”

Now, just days after breaking the news to us that he's returning to the music scene, he's released his new single “Suit & Tie” featuring Jay-Z. You know Jay-Z right? He's that guy who married that Destiny's Child chick, moved to the suburbs and faded away into obscurity back in to the early '00s. Well just like Justin Timberlake, a man best known for doing this Mickey Mouse Club duet with Ryan Gosling in the '90s, he's back!

While I obviously suggest you listen to the song while staring at the above photo of Justin Timberlake in his prime, I thought I'd give you a little background on what it's all about. I would hate for you to get lost before Jay-Z even gets around to his part.

So here's the gist: Justin Timberlake recent purchased a suit and a tie. Likely from someplace like Men's Warehouse, but that's still unconfirmed. However he got so excited about his new suit and tie that he forgot to check the weather before leaving the house. Between the humidity and the record-breaking heat wave, he gets as hot as an oven. Something that doctors all agree is extremely dangerous. After a quick trip to WebMD.com, he realizes that he has to act fast, so he takes off his new suit and tie and leaves them on the floor. Then he goes on a date with a penguin, who is always, wearing black and white.

While I'll agree the lyrics are definitely up to interpretation, I think I pretty much figured out the meaning of the song. And it's that you should always check the weather before selecting your outfit for the day. Also penguins match everything because they're always wearing black and white.

But please by all means, listen to it yourself below and let me know what you think he's trying to say. (If that video doesn't work, click here for the official site)

(Photo: Hollywood Nose)