20 Justin Timberlake GIFs To Celebrate His Imminent Television Takeover

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The 2013 Brit Awards (Brits) at the O2 arenaSounds like Justin Timberlake is about to have a busy couple of weeks, you guys. He was just simultaneously announced as the host and musical guest for Saturday Night Live, on March 9th,and also been taken on as a week-long guest on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon from March 11th to 15th. If I didn't know better, I'd say he was sniffing around for a hosting spot on late night TV after Dave Letterman and Jay Leno finally agree to go off the air in the year 2038. And now that I'm thinking about it, he'd actually be really bad-ass at that. Kind of a natural transition from NSYNC into sol career into movies into a little more music into marriage and obscurity!

Wait. No. JT isn't technically in obscurity yet, it just feels like it because he's been lurking around out of the spotlight for a hot minute. But there's still a lot of charm and talent in that old pony, so we here at Crushable have compiled twenty GIFs to remind you just exactly what we've been missing…and what our televisions are gonna be inundated with, come March. Enjoy. AY. Hands where I can see them.

JT 1 Suit And Tie splashies.JT 20OH HI. I can't decide if I'm disturbed or aroused by this. Better watch it a few more times to make sure. JT 19Andy Samberg and Justin Timberlake? All I'm saying is I'd absolutely adopt those babies. JT 18…how did I miss this moment with Mila Kunis? JT 17Just showin' off the old guns on SNL. JT 16Sangin' about Mother Lovers with Susan Sarandon. JT 15 MAGIC!JT 14Gimme it. JT 13 A classic.JT 12Astonishing self-awareness from a guy who used to have a blond afro. JT 11Como se dice ‘ditto' in EVERY LANGUAGE EVER? JT 10 I can and will watch this all day.JT 9Lady Gaga so totally knows the answer. JT 8More delicious Dick In A Box goodness. JT 7This is mostly here for Kristen Wiig and her mini-harp, I'll be honest. JT 6Fuck you guys, I'ma be famous! JT 5 Still probably the best thing ever.JT 4Keep my shirt on while I'm hosting SNL?! Don't be ridiculous. JT 3Always at ease in his surroundings. JT 2Wave goodbye, little baby version of Justin!

(Images: havesomegifs)