Justin Timberlake’s SNL Promos Convince Me He’s The Right Man For The Job

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Justin Timberlake SNL promoThe promos for Justin Timberlake hosting Saturday Night Live have just been released, and I take back everything I ever said about being annoyed when people host and appear as the musical guest at the same time. Well, no…I don't take them back, because we all did sit through Justin Bieber ab-flashing his way through his own episode a couple weeks ago…but I do put those opinions on a one-week hiatus.

And you know why that is? Because Justin's already proven himself, at least to me. Usually when singers become singer/actors or singer/hosts or singer/model/rappers/interior decorators, I get a little nervous, but JT has put my fears at ease by being genuinely legit. He's been great in more serious-ish projects like Social Network, crushed it in SNL Digital Shorts like ‘Dick In A Box', and I actually guiltily enjoy his new musical stuff like ‘Suit And Tie'. (And let's not even talk about the fact that I, a 25-year old grown woman, still put on an NSYNC Pandora mix from time to time when I go running.) So anyway. Here are his promos. Let me know if they get you as jazzed in the pants as they get me.

He's just that perfect combination of self-aware and charming that I feel like makes a great host. Something about his creepy face when he's up on the chair holding that boom mic reassures me that even though he's doing double duty, it's still gonna be a great show. Unless Kenan Thompson isn't standing right next to him the entire time, in which case there's gonna be a lot of stumbling over words on this week's episode of FRIDAY NIGHT PIE!

I love him.