It’s Very Important That You See This Photo Of Justin Timberlake And Ryan Gosling As Kids

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It s Very Important That You See This Photo Of Justin Timberlake And Ryan Gosling As Kids justin timberlake gif


At this point, unless you live under a rock that’s buried under another rock, you know that Justin Timberlake and Ryan Gosling were in the Mickey Mouse Club as kids. But that doesn’t mean seeing pictures of them and their fellow Mouseketeers from that era ever gets old. Thankfully, Justin’s *NSYNC bandmate Lance Bass understands this, so he did God’s work Friday on Twitter by sharing the greatest image that will ever grace your eyeballs with its presence.

Lance somehow has access to a photo of Justin and Ryan hugging it out with the less famous (but no less adorable) Jennifer McGill back in the day. However Lance got the photo (blackmail, espionage, paying baby Silas, saying “pretty please with sugar on top”) doesn’t matter. All that matters is that it’s the best #FBF post to ever exist. Feast your eyes:

It’s always nice to have a reminder of JT’s naturally curly hair, sans noodle styling of course. And please direct your attention to Ryan’s finger gun. I almost missed it at first, but then it popped up like the disembodied hand in “The Last Supper,” and I couldn’t look away from it. Between this and that video of him dancing in Hammer pants, I think it’s pretty clear he was the MMC’s resident charmer. You can practically hear the “Hey girl” coming out of his mouth.

“Hey girl, we should go grab a juice box, and I’ll listen to your feelings about last night’s Full House.”

“Hey girl, that new scrunchie really brings out the blue in your eyes.”

“Hey girl, you go pick another movie while I rewind this VHS tape.”

“Hey girl, you may have failed your spelling test, but you can’t misspell O-U-R L-O-V-E.”

Wow, this post became very Gosling-centric very quickly. Sorry, JT. (I’m really not.)