Justin Timberlake Cryptically Announces New Album

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Beyonce Justin TimberlakeSomething is going down, you guys. Something serious. If the rumors are to be believed, Justin Timberlake is about to drop a new single. And not just any single — a massive collaboration with Jay-Z and Beyonce. So basically the biggest and most important thing ever, cancel your plans and sit at your computer until this comes out.

Bloggers who know more than me about the music world, specifically the fine folks at Complex, are feeling pretty confident that this is going to happen today, and I'm inclined to trust them because I really really want it to be true. Apparently these rumors started on Monday, on Florida’s Radio Now 97.9, who somehow heard that Justin is prepping to release a new single. And then other music folk on Twitter seem to feel pretty strongly that Jay and Bey will be involved:

Timberlake rumors tweetsAdd to that the fact that Justin himself mysteriously tweeted a date and time with no other details, and I'm kinda thinkin' we're getting a single out of all this. Sorry, not a single. The single. THE BEST SINGLE OF ALL TIME. But don't worry, I'm not building it up in my head at all.

Justin Timberlake tweet Oh and in case you're a dum-dum, that date is today…at noon if you live in New York, which I do. So I guess all that remains is for me to sit quietly for the next…thirty-three minutes until we get confirmation on this wild, wonderful rumor.

UPDATEOHMYGODIT'SHERE. Half an hour has never passed so slowly for something so…anticlimactic. As far as I can tell, this video is Justin announcing his new album, as he Tweeted the following at 12:01.

TweetThe video follows him through a recording studio as his voiceover tells us that he's made two albums in ten years and that to do more would be torturous for him because he gives so much of himself to the music and blah blah blah.

And then by the end, you're directed to a new countdown,I think for his new album…? That's apparently being released on January 14th at 1am? So right after the Golden Globes? My math is hella shaky, guys. But regardless, whomp whomp. I wanted a single today, but I'll settle for a whole album in three days…I guess.

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