Justin Timberlake Will Release Another Album In November, And I’m Starting To Need A TimberBreak

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Justin Timberlake 2013 Brit Awards O2 Arena London 20 Feb 2013

Justin Timberlake will have a second volume of his album The 20/20 Experience coming out in November. Questlove of the Roots posted the news on Okayplayer, explaining that “10 songs now ….. 10 songs later= 20 vision.”

It looks like 2013 is quickly becoming the Year of Timberlake. I certainly didn't expect that would happen when 2012 ended. When the clock struck midnight, I didn't hear the opening to “SexyBack” or experience anything remotely Timberlakean. In the short-term, I expected to sleep, then wake up to watch TV marathons. Justin Timberlake was not even on my mind. For the long-term, I was looking forward to the presidential inauguration and the second Hobbit movie. But how could I miss whatever prophecy declared this year as belonging to Timberlake?

In case you've been living under a TimberRock, this past week was Justin TimberWeek. Justin hosted Saturday Night Live for the fifth time and then lived in Jimmy Fallon's studio for a week. I might be wrong about the living there part, but I do know that he sat in on the show for five days and gave us some pretty TimberGreat sketches. Oh, and his album also comes out this week. And he's commemorating it the typical way. With his very own hour-long TimberSpecial on The CW tomorrow night. And we're all going to watch it. Because he's a very entertaining man. Also because our eyes won't allow us not to. I think they call it Timberitis.

I don't know about you, but this Timberlake takeover has me worried. I'm concerned that I'm going to get tired of Justin Timberlake. It feels like he's only a few months away from enrolling in twelve different college degree programs like a certain someone else I grew tired of a couple of years ago named James Franco. Obviously releasing albums and entertaining people isn't really comparable to turning your entire life into a bucket list that we as a culture have to watch you complete. But I don't want Justin to be overexposed.

I think I might need a TimberBreak. And come to think of it, Justin might need one of his own. We do have eight months until his second album is set to come out, however, so maybe by the time November rolls around we'll all be going through TimberWithdrawal and Justin will be like, “See? You totally missed me.”

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