Super Obvious Reasons That Justin Timberlake And Jimmy Fallon Need To Get Married Already

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There comes a time in every young bromance's life when it must decide if it will go away to college or if it will stay back and enjoy its brand new life as a marriage. This weekend at the MTV VMAs, Jimmy Fallon's and Justin Timberlake's friendship is going to get even more special because Jimmy is presenting JT with the Vanguard Award for having made lots of really ~super~ videos. I'm expecting a lot of adorable stolen glances and proud smiles and at least one solid reference to Justin hatching from his boy band cocoon and spreading his beautiful wings.

But, the thing is, I don't mean that they need to get married in a romantic way, because they are both already romantically unavailable (sad face). I mean it in a friendly way. Like, “oh my god, I really like talking about my mixed feelings on '80s-era movies with you, so let's wed and discuss things like this until one of us dies.” That's totally a thing, right? If it isn't, these two can pioneer the practice and millions of BFFLs far and wide will follow suit (and tie). If my vision of the future isn't quite convincing enough, here are some more reasons why JT and JF should stop friend zoning each other and sign some legal papers, already.

1. They Are Completely In Sync

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Or, should I say that they are completely *N SYNC? Okay, okay, I guess I should have left that pun on the floor, where it belongs. But I've already said it, so there's no turning back now. Anyway, they know each other in a way that I've only ever hoped to know either of them, which is to say, really well. I bet they even know cute little details, like which Slurpee flavor Justin loves the most and which times Jimmy won't answer the phone because that's when his favorite show is on. Tru luv.

2. They Have A Lot Of Fun Together

Timberlake Fallon History Of Rap


So much fun. Almost too much fun. And don't you even think for one second about trying to tell me that they don't because this dancing .gif tells me otherwise. And who should one always listen to, people or moving photos? I think you and I both know the answer to that.

3. The Couple That Dances to Milli Vanilli Together Stays Together

Also in this video: Justin does an adorable impression of Jimmy, and the both of the guys making noises that sound oddly goat-like. I loved every second of it.

4. They Try To Ruin Each Other's Weddings

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In only a really cute and really funny way, of course. But, still, a speech interruption is a speech interruption. And if I've learned anything from my unhealthy consumption of romantic comedies over the years, it's that when someone stands up and talks at any point in during your wedding speech, it means that they would rather die than see you marry someone else. Trust me, I'm an expert on the matter.

5. Timberweek Counts As Their Engagement Period

Justin Timberlake Taps Jimmy Fallon


Remember that week in the not too distant past when JT was gearing up to release his (really good) album, 20/20 Experience and he called on his buddy Jimmy Fallon to help him promote it by not scheduling any other guests on his show for a whole week? I remember it! I remember hearing a lot of people complain that the world was getting more Justin Timberlake than it could handle. But, what a lot of people didn't realize, was that they were getting an even greater amount of Fallonlake, which totally makes up for Justin's overexposure.

6. They Choreograph Things Together

Justin Timberlake Jimmy Fallon Dance


And that's really the biggest sign of that they spend a lot of quality time together. There is no time better spent than time spent making up dances together. No ifs, ands, or buts.

7. Jeopardy Recognizes Them As A Couple

Jeopardy Category Jimmy Fallon Justin Timberlake


There you have it, friends. The proof is in the blank. What is: pudding. Also, in regard to the Jeopardy answer, What is: Jimmy Fallon. But you already knew that, didn't you?

I say we stop with all of the courting and just head straight to the chapel, boys.

(Photo: Peggy Sirota/GQ)