Justin Timberlake And Jimmy Fallon Perform ‘History Of Rap 5’, Keep Their Bromance Alive On The Tonight Show

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Jimmy Fallon Justin Timberlake History of Rap 2-21-14

After such a jam-packed first week hosting The Tonight Show, it's no surprise that Jimmy Fallon chose to end the week on a high note.  I mean that both because Justin Timberlake is definitely known to hit elevated notes while singing and is a favorite guest for Jimmy Fallon and his viewers.  So obviously a performance of “History of Rap” was in order, which I hope brings you all as much joy as it brought me.  “Wait…you're from ‘straight out of Compton'?” LOLz.

It's nice to see that the formula that worked so well for Jimmy on Late Night hasn't been altered much, if at all, for The Tonight Show.  Even though we were all kinda ready for a TimberBreak after TimberWeek last fall, the energy put forth for “History of Rap” is entertaining enough for us to pardon their bordering-on-obsessive bromance.  Let's face it guys, they're good together.  Sorry, Jessica Biel and Nancy Juvonen.  You're destined to live among the shadows for as long as Jimmy and Justin shall live.

I think the only way this bromance could top itself for the next installment of “History of Rap” is if Brian Williams enters the scene like the total BAMF he proved himself to be earlier this week.  And then, post-show, they all bust into the nearest Taco Bell or Pizza Hut and post it on Instagram.  Which brings me to my next thought: can we please just talk about how confused and off-put Jay Leno‘s old fan base probably is after this week? They're probably all like “History of what?”  Love it.