Justin Timberlake Is GQ’s Man Of The Year Because No One Else Could Get A Word In Edgewise

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Justin Timberlake GQ Man Of The Year Cover December 2013In the least original move ever, GQ has named Justin Timberlake their ‘Man Of The Year' for 2013. Not that there's anything wrong with JT, but I feel like they chose him by process of elimination because he was so consistently in our faces for the past twelve months. He inserted himself into so many projects across the board that nobody even had a chance to get a word in edgewise.

But I feel like we definitely could've gone in a different direction than Justin — maybe encouraged quality over quantity. What about Benedict Cumberbatch, who literally couldn't turn in a bad performance this year, even in one of it's worst movies, The Fifth Estate? What about One Direction, who continue to impress us with their album sales, maturity, and genuinely good music? (And also made our 25 Crushable Guys Under 25 List, which is perhaps the most impressive feat of all.) What about Michael B. Jordan, whose portrayal of Oscar Grant in Fruitvale proved to me definitively that he's the next big thing? Wouldn't it be great to be ahead of the curve with someone up-and-coming instead of someone on the way out? Because think about Justin's career this year.

Sure, he was everywhere, but aside from his genius collaboration with Jay Z on ‘Suit And Tie', nothing really went super well, right? His movie Runner Runner failed miserably, the second half of his album 20/20 came out to zero fanfare, and he proved he didn't know how to use Google when he released a song called ‘Take Back The Night' without realizing that that was already a thing. All he really did successfully was get us overloaded on him with repeated tenures on shows like Saturday Night Live and Late Night With Jimmy Fallon (remember Timberweek?) and blue ball us with a ninety-second *NSYNC reunion in the middle of a twenty-minute performance at the VMAs.

Sure, Justin Timberlake brought a lot of dishes to Thanksgiving these year, but they're all pretty overcooked, if you ask me. Let's not reward him just because he's the loudest person at the table.

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