Justin Timberlake’s Reaction To Getting Flipped Off By A Fan At His Concert Is So Charming It Hurts

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Justin Timberlake Laughing


At a concert back in November, Justin Timberlake reacted perfectly to being flipped off by a fan in the middle of his concert. I know, I know, now it's February. But the Internet works in mysterious ways and the whole thing's just surfacing now. Why would someone flip the great and powerful Justin Timberlake off? Well, like the internet, the world works in mysterious ways. (But we're putting all our money on the fact that it was Chris Kirkpatrick.)

While some performers would react to being interrupted by an angry fan, well, angrily, JT responds perfectly. And he does it while wearing a fancy little suit and an adorable little bow tie and ohemgee, I'm back in love with the guy. It takes a heck of a lot of charm to call out a heckler and look like a nice guy while doing it. Especially when the heckler's so devoted to this heckling that he spends his money on second row tickets at The 20/20 Experience. Seriously middle-fingerer, look at your life, look at your choices, look at how you're spending your money.

Here's the video, I would recommend starting at around :25. Unless you fancy a little warm-up where JT talks about football and his friends, in which case, you go ahead and start at the beginning like a rebel.

Now that you've seen it, go and retrieve your pants from across the room and try to control how into Justin you are right now. There's no shame, it's scientifically impossible to be unaffected by that amount of adorableness.

(Video via @StephLough)