Justin Timberlake’s New Cover Art Will Delight Nose-Boob Lovers Everywhere

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Justin Timberlake Tunnel Vision single album cover naked womanAre you a member of that very small yet significant segment of the population that thinks that noses and boobs are equally sexy, but wishes they were combined together into the ultimate knob of fatty cartilage and sexiness? ME TOO! I mean…I'm asking for a friend. Or I read it in a book? I can't remember which one I decided on for this instance. But anyway, have I got good news for you! Justin Timberlake sees your fetishes, and he raises them one album cover for his new single ‘Tunnel Vision', which is available for your earhole pleasure via YouTube and also right here:

If you're like me or other members of our writing team — I'm looking at you, Jill! — you initially looked at the cover art for the single and were like, “Okay, so JT has a really wavy face, so what? What's the issue?” But then the gutter part of your brain kicked in, or you took a step away from your computer because there was a mouse on the keyboard, or some similar and totally standard situation occurred, and you were like — OH HEY NAKED LADY. JUSTIN'S NOSE IS YOUR BREAST, I SEE YOU.

And now that it's seen, it cannot be unseen, which is why I'm now struggling to absorb the fact that Justin's lips are some inexplicable side belly rolls / marsupial pouches on the side of the girl, and that one of her booblets has a significant bulbous droop, and that she has an extremely stubbled rump. Other than that, the lady in question has quite a fetching silhouette, one that any lad would be quite gratified to see at the end of a tunnel. Cause that's…that's what tunnel vision is, right guys? I mean right? Is anyone in here? I'm hungry.

(Image: BuzzFeed)