Justin Timberlake Jumps At The Chance To Make A Couple’s Proposal All About Him

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Justin Timberlake concert proposal video December 2013

Justin Timberlake really likes attention. His five-hour VMAs performance this year, featuring a half-second cameo from four guys he kind of recognizes who call themselves *NSYNC, proves just how into attention he is. That and the fact that I don't think I've gone a day this year without seeing or hearing about him. But this Sunday during a concert in Louisville, Kentucky, as part of his 20/20 Experience Tour, Justin saw the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. Not only could he make his concert all about him — what else would it be about? — but he could also make a fan's marriage proposal all about him. What a brilliant plan!

People reports that a fan named Josh asked Justin's camp in November if he could propose to his girlfriend Kim at this concert. Justin obviously said yes. Sure he'd sacrifice 30 seconds of his own attention, but for years to come he'd be mentioned in this couple's engagement story. Totally worth it. Then he thought, “Wow, wouldn't it be fun to get married? Oh wait…”

Justin stopped the concert after singing “The Girl” and invited Josh and Kim onstage. The best part is when he walks away from them, seemingly to allow them their moment, but then immediately jumps back to position them in a way that will make this moment extra memorable for all the people watching. That way they'll be more likely to talk about it later and mention his name. Is Justin paid for each time someone says his name? I wouldn't be surprised, in which case… Justin Timberlake. Enjoy the cash I just earned you, buddy.

I'm of course very biased here because, in addition to being kind of Timberlaked out, I'm also immune to the emotional power of marriage proposals. They just don't tug at my heart strings. Okay, so I might have gotten choked up when Chandler and Monica got engaged on Friends. But that's because I had gotten to know them as characters. Do I know Josh and Kim? I'm pretty sure I don't. So I'm forced to ignore the meaning of their proposal and pay attention to the grinning, clapping pop star standing to the side. Which is exactly what he wants me to do. Mwahahaha.