Warning To Bloggers: Careful What You Say About Justin Timberlake And Jessica Biel, Because He’ll Call You Out On It

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Justin Timberlake calls out dating coach article Jessica Biel relationship friend asked her out judgment TwitterWell, this is interesting. Justin Timberlake isn't one of those celebrities I usually associate with prolific tweeting; honestly, until today I didn't even realize he had a Twitter. But not only is he online with millions of followers, but he just broke the fourth wall of the blogosphere. (Pow!)

Whereas a lot of celebrities will ignore lower-tier bloggers who ruminate on their hook-ups and engagements, JT apparently took offense to dating coach Vanessa Taylor. Vanessa has created a brand around her “Platinum Girls” dating method, which gets men to go gaga over women. She also offers love advice to celebrities based on what's being reported in the media. The other day, she commented on a recent quote from Justin about how he asked one of fiance Jessica Biel‘s friends if he could ask her out.

That's all well and fair, considering that the quote came from Justin himself, via Us Weekly. And the rest of Vanessa's post really isn't unreasonable: She compares Justin and Jessica to Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren because both relationships started with a liaison of sorts. From there, she extrapolates that they may not succeed as a couple, holding their public displays of affection up against some famous newlyweds:

Justin took a long time to propose, their relationship was rocky, and Jessica doesn't sound at all excited about wedding planning. Maybe they'll pull a “Blake and Ryan” on us and marry in Wyoming. But, the difference is that Blake and Ryan always looked super happy, were caught smooching, out for ice cream. I just don't get that same vibe from Justin and Jessica.

I keep hemming and hawing over Vanessa's post because honestly, it's not that different from what we write at Crushable. When dealing with Hollywood and gossip, there's a fair amount of conjecture because it's not like we have 24/7, unfettered access to these famous types. And to be fair, a lot of celebrities play on that mystery. So, it's not like this was slander, but it still struck a nerve with Justin. Two days ago he tweeted,

“@CelebLoveExpert–Hey, Capitalist…Stop tweeting this and using my name. You don't know the whole story and you never will. #alilrespect

At the risk of sounding like Vanessa, I'll refrain from theorizing why Justin went after this dating coach no one's really heard of. It's just interesting, because when you think of celebrities clashing with media, it's a more high-profile situation like Joseph Gordon-Levitt calling out GQ about his brother's death. Basically, if Justin is going to take offense to every blogger guessing as to why he and Jessica Biel haven't gotten hitched yet, he's going to waste valuable time trying to put out mini-fires all over the internet. Time that would be better spent making more music and/or rom-coms.

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