What Your Favorite Justin Timberlake Stage Says About You

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Justin Timberlake suit and tie shoot

Today is January 31. Why does that sound so important? You're thinking to yourself. Was I supposed to do something today? Maybe, but the more likely answer is that you had this date circled on your calendar all through your preteen and teen years, because today is Justin Timberlake's birthday. Maybe you still have this date circled on your calendar. I'm not going to judge you for that.

Justin Timberlake is something of a celebrity chameleon. He's never done anything to make himself completely unrecognizable, but his look and his career have gone through lots of different stages. So, in honor of his birthday, here's what your favorite Justin Timberlake stage says about you.

1. Old school *NYSNC Justin Timberlake.

You're a purist. You like things in their original form, even when that includes frosted tips and leather pants. A big part of you is still stuck in your teen years… ok, maybe all of you. You still believe wholeheartedly that Britney Spears and JT belong together 4ever, matching denim outfits and all. Brit Brit is single again now, so really, all you need to figure out is how to deal with that pesky Jessica Biel. If all else fails, at least you have this:



2. Early solo career Justin Timberlake.

You just do you, right? You like to follow your dreams, no matter how your friends might feel about it. I mean, who cares if their boyband is nothing without you? It's your time to shine, all the time. You also like it when men get really, really close to your face while serenading you, as JT demonstrates in this video. You wish that this had been you:



3. “SexyBackand FutureSex/LoveSounds Justin Timberlake.

You like to bring sexy back, all day, everyday. Although you haven't quite figured out exactly what that means yet. You may or may not be a spy who hangs out at futuristic parties with flashing fluorescent lights. You're the first to remind people that before Rihanna told us whips and chains excite her, Justin Timberlake said he'd let us whip him if he misbehaves. Oh, and you have some pretty sweet dance moves:



4. SNL star Justin Timberlake.

You like to beat the odds. You like to surprise everyone with your hidden talents. You are that one musician who goes on Saturday Night Live who is actually hilarious. Better yet, you have no fear. You aren't afraid to make a fool of yourself, which pays off, because the risks you take make everyone love you so, so much more.



5. Movie career Justin Timberlake.



This one is simple. You don't care about the music, you're just a sucker for that smile. And the occasional sweater/glasses combo. You also wish you were Mila Kunis.



6. “Suit & Tie” Justin Timberlake.

You love a good comeback. And you're also steadfastly loyal. You still love JT even though this song is a little questionable. You don't care about the strange, groping air trumpet movements, or the fact that this is sort of like three songs in one. You don't even care that the lyrics to this song include the phrase “shit tied.” Your JT love is unconditional.



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