Here’s That Awkward Justin Timberlake Interview Where He Gets Handed An Autographed Butt

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Justin Timberlake Sabrina Sato Autographed butt

As someone who's currently suffering from Justin Timberlake Overload, I was hesitant to click on this interview clip. Ugh, I thought, another chance for Justin Timberlake to remind us that's a talented performer. Isn't it enough that he's Jimmy Fallon's co-host? Must he take over the entire internet with his Runner, Runner movie promotions as well now? But then I clicked, because, it was advertised as being awkward and I do love a good awkward interview. And man oh man, am I glad I did! Not just because it proves that he's human, but also because it reminded me why I used to love him in the first place. At the end of the day, he's a pretty cool cat. (Which is something I'm trying to bring back, so work with me here people.)

In this clip, which runs internet-long at 6:36, Justin Timberlake sits down with Brazilian comedian Sabrina Sato to talk about Runner, Runner. Except they never get to discuss the movie because the interview's so full of mishaps and mayhem and samba. While I'll admit to being unsure as to whether Sabrina's trying to be funny or it's really just a series of cultural miscommunications, I'll say on the record that Justin's reactions are priceless. Literally, you cannot buy these reactions anywhere.

He's completely unsure of how to react or what to say or even what to do. While a lesser human being would've gotten up and walked out, he sat through the whole thing. Even though the part where she handed him a gift that turned out to be an autographed mold of her butt cheeks. “Thank youuuu,” he said, in the same voice that my dad uses on Father's Day when we get him a tie he doesn't want, “I'll use this every single day.” All in all, it's well worth a watch. Even if just to remind yourself that he's not as overrated as he feels lately.