Jessica Biel Could Already Be Pregnant With Justin Timberlake’s Child By The Time You Finish Reading This

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Details continue to spill out from the incredibly intimate Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel wedding that took place in Italy this past weekend. For example, yesterday we found out that Jessica Biel wore a wedding dress to her wedding. Also Justin Timberlake sang her an original song that he hasn't released yet.

While we cross our fingers that he lets us listen to his love song by Valentine's Day 2K13, we also have to start considering the fact that Jessica Biel  has officially entered her very own baby bump watch season. In fact, we're about 3-4 days into to it — depending on how you feel about adhering to Italian time zones.

Unlike regular TV seasons or weather seasons, baby bump watch seasons don't have an exact end date. From the day a celebrity gets married until they day  she pushes a child out of  her body, she's going to be watched for a baby bump. Every loose-fitting shirt will be analyzed, every bloated belly will be zoomed in on. Is that a large dinner we see in her stomach — or is it a fetal foot!?

And if heaven forbid she does not give birth to Timberlake Junior by their first wedding anniversary, she'll get automatically enrolled in the Jennifer Aniston School of Empty Wombs. I assure everyone, she does not want to be a student at that academy.

So if Jessica Biel understands her role as a celebrity wife, she'll get pregnant yesterday, sell the story to a tabloid and start thinking about she'll wear on the cover of People when she first poses with her baby.

(Photo: Jean Catuffe, PCNphotos.com)