In More Hot Guys News Of The Day, Justin Theroux Melts My Heart By Talking About Marriage

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In More Hot Guys News of the Day  Justin Theroux Melts My Heart by Talking about Marriage GettyImages 465618290 jpg

Since today is apparently “hot guys on TV” day, Justin Theroux stopped by Good Morning America to dish on the new season of his show The Leftovers, but of course we all really just want to know about one thing: his wedding to Jennifer Aniston.

Justin and Jennifer tied the knot on a Wednesday in August in a surprise ceremony and the world eagerly awaited photos and details. The world thought there was a photo of her dress, but it was a hoax (for shame!), and we only have a few juicy tidbits about the affair, but I’m sure it was amazing. They’re one of my favorite celebrity couples because they seem really genuine and happy, and also it doesn’t hurt that looking at the both of them together could practically blind a person because they ARE that good looking.

Robin Roberts then asked him how he’s feeling about married life and his answer is so sweet, I think I have a cavity now. “It’s fantastic. Something really does shift in a wonderful way. It sort of refocuses things… It’s a wonderful thing… You relax into it in a certain way. I can’t explain it.” The dude is literally BEAMING when Robin congratulates him. I’m dying of cuteness.

Justin says that friend Jimmy Kimmel, who officiated the ceremony, did a great job, adding: “That was the biggest blessing in the world… He was extremely funny, kept things extremely light, and was extremely touching. [He] cried a little bit. Everyone did.”

I’m coming up on my one-year anniversary and feel exactly the same way — no matter how long you’re with someone or how much you know them, there’s a definite shift when you tie the knot, and it’s so hard to explain. Nothing really changes yet everything changes. It’s so cool.

Now let’s see that dress, please!

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