News Of Justin Long’s New Relationship With Kate Mara Seems Suspiciously Well-Timed

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For all of you who've been lying awake nights worrying about the emotional state of Justin Long following his ex Drew Barrymore‘s nuptials, allow me to lay your fears to rest. He's not bitter at all, you guys, and is even dating Kate Mara, older sister to Rooney!

According to Us Weekly, Long is in a “very new” relationship with Rooney Mara's less famous sibling. “She took him out for his birthday,” said the source, which was nice of her, seeing as he would probably have otherwise spent his 34th birthday eating ice cream out of the carton and mourning the loss of his own personal manic pixie dream girl, who married Will Kopelman that very same day. Sources have also confirmed to Us Weekly that Justin Long was most definitely not crysturbating to pictures of Drew that day while He's Just Not That Into You and Going The Distance played on continuous loop. Not even a little.

Forgive me for sounding cynical, but it seems like this just might be a well-timed leak to make sure everyone knows Long is doing just fine in his post-Barrymore life. That said, I hope he really is okay, because he seems like a genuinely nice guy.

(Via Us Weekly)