Justin Bieber’s Believe Scavenger Hunt Puzzle Piece

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Justin Bieber Smile


Buckle up Beliebers, because Justin Bieber has found a fun way to get you all giddy for his new concert movie, Believe, which comes out on Christmas day. In it, he gives his fans a behind-the-scenes look at the Justin that they don't get to see when they go to his concerts or watch his videos. And, if history is any indication, be prepared to fall even more in love with him than you thought possible after seeing it because that's just the effect that concert movies have on the average human. Don't fight it. After all, it's pretty hard to not be sweet on someone after watching them interact with their family, close friends, and fans. Some would say it's very hard; experts say it's impossible.

Now, about the game. It involves you, Justin, and some puzzle pieces in a scavenger hunt that you have to put together. Here's Puzzle Piece #3.

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