The Famous Yacht Justin Bieber Tried To Pass Off As His Own Will Make You LOLOLOL

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Justin Bieber yacht Never Say Never 2014

You gotta give Justin Bieber credit. Just when you think he couldn't get any dumber or more conceited, he goes ahead and proves you wrong. It's truly a gift. Take, for example, the yacht photos he posted to Instagram on Wednesday. The captions, coupled with the name of the boat, seemed to suggest it belonged to him. But according to a new TMZ report, it's not his. In fact, it's a pretty famous boat, and when you find out which one you'll laugh and roll your eyes at the same time. Come to think of it, that's kind of my permanent reaction to anything this guy does.

Bieber posted the above photo with the caption, “It was about that time.” To be fair, that doesn't explicitly say “This is my new yacht,” but the fact that it's called “Never Say Never,” the name of his song and concert movie, would seem to suggest that. And it certainly does seem to be about time Bieber bought a yacht. Isn't that somewhere on his douche to-do list? He also posted the photo below the same day, just chillin' on a boat with his tattoos. Might not be the same boat, but that's the implication. He also posted a couple of scenic shots.

Justin Bieber yacht 2014

Turns out that “Never Say Never” boat does not belong to the Biebs. TMZ reports that it's registered to a family trust in Coral Cables, Florida. And if he really wanted us to think it was his, he probably should have chosen a different one. This was the boat used in the famous Lonely Island “I'm on a Boat” video. That's right, the parody video all about non-fancy people pretending to be fancy by being on a boat that's actually not even theirs… which seems to be what Bieber's doing. Is Scooter Braun a secret comedian running Bieber's career for maximum hilarity? That's the only explanation for things like this. If T-Pain had been in these pictures I'd be dead right now from laughing.

(Photos: Instagram)