Fan Throws Bottle At Bieber While He’s Performing, Bieber Throws Fan An Award-Winning Stink Eye

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Justin Bieber shirtless stink eye Brazilian concert

While you spent this weekend being a productive member of society, Justin Bieber continued his downward spiral tour through South America. After spending Friday night sneaking out of a Brazilian brothel, he spent Saturday night pissing off fans by showing up an hour and twenty minutes late to his own concert. For those of you who measure your time in DVRed episodes of The Voice, that's the length of one two-hour episode if you fast forward through all the commercials.

Despite the fact that he graced them with his hairless chest and his signature poopy-pants, they probably still weren't thrilled with the fact that he came so late. You know, because they paid money to see him and kinda thought that maybe, possibly he'd show up to his own concert on time. (In Bieber's defense, brothels are exhausting. Throw in daylight savings confusion and the fact that Bieber can't tell the difference between the hour hand and the minute hand and you're looking at an impossible situation.)

One fan, who we shall call Enjolras, felt so upset about Justin's performance that he threw a water bottle at him and knocked the microphone out of his hand. Which wouldn't be newsworthy if Justin Bieber hadn't throw him the world's worst stink eye after it happened. I don't want to sound like a cliche credit card commercial here, but the look he gives him is priceless. He's like a puppy who just got yelled at for going to the bathroom inside the house. Or like Laney Boggs after she found that she was a bet (a fucking bet!). Or like a world famous pop star after he realized that he'd just gotten defeated by a random fan with a water bottle.

So do yourself a favor and watch it. I promise that it's the best stink eye you'll see today. Maybe even all week.