Justin Bieber Walks The Red Carpet With Someone Even Younger Than Selena Gomez

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At last night's MuchMusic Awards, Justin Bieber walked the red carpet with someone who wasn't his girlfriend, leaving Selena Gomez to fend for herself. Who could this little interloper be? Click through to find out.

Don't worry, it was only his two-year-old brother Jaxon, who appears from the photos to be a little bit wary of the spotlight. And/or incapable of understanding the concept of “the spotlight,” because he is two, and just wants his nap and his binkie. Then again, Justin Bieber was almost definitely crooning in a half-shirt by the time he was Jaxon's age, so maybe little Biebs just doesn't have that same star quality.

The person next to them is Bieber protege Carly Rae Jepsen, whose work you are probably familiar with by now, and who's probably as weirded out as we are that Justin is young enough to have a two-year-old brother. Also, probably: bowled over by the cuteness of it all. Even a black-hearted child hater such as myself must admit that Jaxon is one adorable little kid.

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