Justin Bieber Walked Off Stage After One Song, So That Comeback’s Going Great

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Justin Bieber Walked Off Stage After One Song  So That Comeback s Going Great Justin Bieber 2015 VMAs crying gif


Wow, Justin Bieber is doing a bang-up job of changing his image. You know, if acting like the same entitled douche he’s always been and then delivering the same lame excuses he’s been delivering for his behavior since the dawn of time counts as changing his image. Oh, wait. It doesn’t? My bad.

This time Justin’s comeback apparently required him to walk off stage and end a TV performance in Oslo, Norway, after one song. Video of the incident shows Justin trying to wipe up a spill on the edge of the stage, all while scolding the fans in the front row for preventing him from doing this task that apparently no one else was available to do. (Seriously, this guy was carried up the Great Wall of China on the shoulders of his bodyguards, but he couldn’t get a crew member to handle a spill?)

“What are you doing?…I said stop it. Guys, yo, listen to me! I’m trying to wipe the floor, give me a second,” he says. I’m not sure what the fans were doing to disrupt his clean-up, since in the video it doesn’t even look like they touch him (not to mention they might not even speak English), but whatever it was, Justin did not like it, so he decided the rest of the audience and the television viewers shouldn’t get a performance. “Never mind. I’m done. I’m not doing the show. I’m not doing the show,” he says, taking his hoodie off and leaving the stage.

By the way, this happened one day after he walked out of an interview with a Spanish radio station. Because I guess literally walking away from his responsibilities is just his thing now. But according to his Instagram, he’s just being human. If he could start working on being the type of human who doesn’t do things like this, that would be great. We’re still waiting.

“Sadly it’s been a rough week for me, long days no sleep, while having to be ‘on’ as they would say for cameras fans etc. In no way did I mean to come across mean, but chose to end the show as the people in the front row would not listen. Hopefully people will understand where I am coming from. I don’t always handle things the right way but I’m human and I’m working on getting better at responding not reacting. Unfortunately people were affected by this as am I. For the people in the back I am so sorry and for anyone I may have disappointed im sorry. Sorry for wasting the tv people’s time I’ll be sure to make it up to you next time on tour. With love Justin.”

And so the Circle of Bieber continues. He does something bratty, waits for the backlash, makes the same tired excuses and claims he’s learning from his mistakes, basks in the support of his unconditionally obsessed fans, and then just continues to do the same bratty things he just said he would try not to do anymore. He sure is predictable.