Justin Bieber Pranks Both TMZ And His Beliebers In One Fell Swoop For April Fool’s Day

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Justin Bieber in Concert O2 World Arena Berlin, Germany March 31 2013

It turns out April Fool's Day isn't just for popular websites and fake celebrity Facebook pages. I know! I'm shocked, too. Apparently celebrities are also allowed to participate in the pranking. And I'm talking non-Ashton Kutcher celebrities. What has the world come to?

Yesterday Justin Bieber fancied himself an amateur Jim Halpert and concocted his very own April Fool's prank. It involved Twitter, a fanbase of Beliebers hanging on his every tweet, and TMZ. I imagine Justin got his team together on March 31 in a secluded conference room lit only by a dim ceiling lamp swinging squeakily back and forth, spread his months of research out on the table, and said, “It's time to talk about April Fool's.”

The prank began when Justin tweeted: “as promised taking all fan phone calls TODAY at (888) 847 9869. Talk to u soon!” Justin later deleted the tweet, but not before the Beliebers secretly took their bedazzled cell phones into their school bathrooms during lunch to dial the number. Or so I'd imagine.

But the Beliebers weren't met with Justin professing his love for them. This isn't the Ryan Gosling hotline. It turns out the number took them to TMZ's tip line. And since the number is toll-free, TMZ will be footing the bill for the calls.

While it might seem at first that this was a brilliant plan which successfully annoyed his arch nemeses manning the phones at TMZ, I'm here to say the prank was flawed. First of all, did Justin mean to prank his fans in the process? I assume he realized the Beliebers were innocent victims in this prank, and that's why he deleted the tweet, but not before countless fans faced broken dreams upon calling the number. Not to mention how many of them potentially got detention for using their cell phones during school hours. Bad plan, Bieber!

I'm also not particularly thrilled with the idea that Justin, a bajillionmillionbillionaire, played a such a costly prank. Granted, Dax Holt from TMZ tweeted his amusement about the prank, and the official TMZ Twitter retweeted him. So maybe the damage wasn't too great. But I'm tempted to point my finger at Justin like an curmudgeonly neighbor and yell, “You'll pay for that, you delinquent!”

I for one am relieved April Fool's Day is over. I can't deal with the roller-coaster of emotions involved.

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