The Black Keys vs. Justin Bieber Part Deux: Patrick Carney Takes It To A Hilarious Level

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Earlier this week, we wrote about the post-Grammys feud between polar music opposites Patrick Carney of The Black Keys and Justin Bieber, which began because Justin Bieber wasn't nominated for any Grammys whatsoever.  A reporter asked Patrick Carney about it for God knows what reason, and he made a little jibe at the Biebs.

Since teenage fans of people like Justin Bieber, One Direction, and The Jonas Brothers are fucking crazy, Patrick Carney has been receiving death threats on Twitter all week:

bieber carney twitter


So in response, @patrickcarney now goes by the name Justin Bieber, complete with profile pic of the Biebs in “hipster” Ray-Bans similar to Carney's.  And he's been having a ball with the thousands of Beliebers attacking him.  It's pretty fucking funny, if you ask me:


bieber carney twitter 2


And this is how I'll be spending my Sunday.  Thanks, Patrick Carney!  I liked you before and now I love you.


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