Justin Bieber Throws Tantrum On Tour, Forces Some To Question If He Skipped His Nap

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Justin Bieber Tour White Suit March 2013

According to rumors coming out of Copenhagen this morning, Justin Bieber threw a temper tantrum during an Elizabeth Arden photoshoot. In addition to this alleged tantrum, he apparently also threw his pacifier, his building blocks and a warm bottle of muscle milk into various corners of the room. Witnesses also claim that the enraged pop star threatened to stay up all night watching TV, even through he clearly knew that plan would interfere with his bedtime.

Our friends(ish) over at Radar Online allege that “after showing up six hours late, Justin threw a temper tantrum because they wanted him to wear a bell boy hat — but he refused.” While at first this may seem unreasonable on Justin's end, think about it…a bell boy hat. The kid has a reputation to uphold. And it's not one of a working class man. After this supposed incident, he then let his fans wait to see him in concert while he wrapped up a game of ping pong. Which I'm being told is not a euphenism for a cool new club drug that the kids are doing.

The Canadian pop star left fans waiting at his concert for more than an hour-and-a-half because he was playing a game of ping pong backstage with one of his dancers. “Justin was completely engrossed in the game and couldn’t be bothered,” said a tour insider. “He knew he was starting the concert late, but he just didn’t care.”

Finally he capped off the evening by not tipping his waiter at dinner while on a date.

Then, during a dinner date with with his on-again, off-again girlfriend Selena Gomez, Bieber stunned onlookers after refusing to tip his waiter. The pair went to “a very upscale restaurant on Friday night for a free meal and even though the meal was complimentary, Justin couldn’t be bothered to tip the hard working waiter.”

While I'm tempted to ring up our old pal Mrs. Piggle Wiggle on the phone and see what she suggests for his recent behavior issues, I think I already know the answer. More sleep. A nap or two during the day. Also someone on his tour with enough balls to tell a 19-year-old that he can't leave an entire concert waiting while he wraps up a game of ping-pong — a game that I'll have you know cannot possibly entertain you for more than 6 minutes, let alone 90. Oh and last but not least, he needs a little perspective. He's not going to be famous forever and if he keeps behaving like a four-year-old, odds our his fifteen minutes will be up even sooner.

(Photo: Kika Press, PacificCoastNews.com)