Justin Bieber Gets A Tattoo Of His Mom’s Eye, Still Doesn’t Count As Her ‘Keeping An Eye On Him’

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Justin Bieber mom's eye tattooJustin Bieber does know that tattoos are permanent, right? He's getting so many of them, I'm starting to worry he thinks it's like doodling on yourself with a Sharpie. This latest one receives a special spot near his roaring tiger, cartoonish “BELIEVE,” and malicious knight. It's a tattoo of his mom Pattie Mallette's eye, right in the crook of his elbow, so I guess if he's about to do something he really doesn't want her to know about, like spitting in somebody's face, he can just bend his arm and she'll close her eye. Justin posted a photo of the ink on Instagram, captioning it “@bangbangnyc did this art ., Moms always watching.” (Bang Bang where Adele got her new “paradise” tattoo? Information that I somehow just pulled out of my brain without having to look it up?!)

There might be some confusion here. When the entire rational world said Pattie should really “keep an eye on Justin” so he doesn't get into trouble, we didn't mean her eye should literally stay on him in effigy for the rest of his life. Sorry, but that disembodied, inky eyeball is not going to do any good. It's not like the Eye of Sauron, okay, guys? The irony of this situation is that Justin getting this tattoo is exactly the kind of thing I wouldn't be surprised if his mom knew nothing about — because she wasn't watching him. Even though the tattoo is supposed to suggest exactly that. Although it does look like Bieber printed out a photograph of his mom's eye as reference, if you look at the left side of the Instagram picture, so she might have posed for it. Unless he went all CSI and zoomed in on a more distant shot. Or if Pattie happens to have close-up photos of her eye lying around the house.

Can we please get Pattie's actual eye to watch over Bieber more often? Or just any eye belonging to a person who is willing to knock him down a few pegs and stop him from being a complete douchebag every chance he gets? Maybe someone whose eye can point him in the direction of the bathroom instead of the mop bucket and remind him that shirts exist to be worn and monkeys are living creatures that deserve to be taken care of? The eye can be any color, and it can even wear contact lenses. It can even belong to a blind person who hears everything Justin does. My eye doesn't work through the computer, so somebody else needs to take this one, mmkay?

(Photos: Instagram / FayeVision/WENN.com)