Justin Bieber Was Going 136 MPH According To His Car’s GPS, But Bring On The Excuses

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Justin Bieber mugshot 2014 arrest miamiI want to apologize to Justin Bieber‘s PR team before I write this, because they really put their back into trying to convince the world that he wasn't drag-racing, but according to the GPS on his car, he absolutely was.

When he was first arrested, his PR team was falling all over themselves to get their own information out there, from downgrading the BAC level he blew in the Breathalyzer to .014, which is well below the .02 legal limit for underage drivers, to releasing the information from the GPS in his rented Lamborghini to show he was going 27mph at the time he was pulled over.

And unfortunately enough, both of those things seem to be true. Computers rarely lie (unless you teach them how to love, in which case it's your own fault), and both the Breathalyzer and GPS say that little J-Bird is in the clear. EXCEPT. Sinnnnce we're looking at the GPS now, TMZ has pointed out that even though he was under the 35mph speed limit when he was pulled over, Justin had been doing some big time speeding earlier in the evening. At 1:23am, on his way to a nightclub in Miami Beach, the GPS readout clocks Justin as going 108mph on the Julia Tuttle Causeway, and then accelerating up to 136mph within a minute.

WHOOPS. Not supposed to be doing that, little buddy! And I guess we have our answer as to why the police pulled him over when they did. They must have somehow found out he was speeding on the causeway earlier, and then pulled him over the first time they got a chance. Which was pretty soon after that, given that a BRIGHT YELLOW LAMBORGHINI stands out like a sore (rented) thumb.

The whole arrest now seems like it was based on something pretty sketchy, but they do have definitive proof now that Justin was speeding at some point, so I don't know anything except that you shouldn't be renting a Lamborghini. Based on experience, I'm not expecting you to have any common sense…but I was hoping at least for some self-respect.