11 Justin Bieber Songs That Are Better Than ‘Baby’

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The Bieber Invitation

Being Justin Bieber must be really, really hard, you guys. I mean it has to be difficult pissing off the world on a daily basis, not to mention dealing with the drove of Beliebers who are probably still throwing little prepubescent fits over that Jelena pic. Or how's about that one time when he allegedly impregnated not one but two lucky no-namers, neither of which were Selena Gomez. I can only imagine how proud Momma Pattie and Scooter Braun must be, because somewhere down the line those two are obviously mapping out a railroad of conspiracies to keep our popcorn parties rolling.

One thing no one seems to be talking about though is Bieber's music, though, so let's try and rummage through Bieber's collection for tunes that will hopefully remind us again why he's famous anyway:

1. Confident (feat. Chance The Rapper)

This tune was surprisingly tolerable but ONLY because of Chance's part.

2. All That Matters

Say what you want but that crotch-grab wins every time. But feel free to question my taste in famous douchebags.

3. Never Let You Go

This song brings back the good ol' days when Bieber was nothing more than Ellen DeGeneres' little sis. What went wrong?!

4. Mistletoe 

Does this one ever go out of season?

5. As Long As You Love Me

Loved this one even before I knew who it was by. So am I a Belieber now?

6. All Around The World

In all unashamed honesty, I still listen to this one every now and again.

7. Hold Tight

I don't think I will ever be able to unhear Bieber sing the words, “Them lips won't let me go” without swooning a little bit.

8. One Life

Why wasn't this one made into a single? What the eff?!

9. All Bad

Not sure if I believe the Biebs isn't the asshole everyone knows him to be, but this song is unfortunately too catchy to argue against.

10. Recovery

No matter how broken his heart might've been (if there ever was one) on this tune, Selena “Doormat” Gomez will probably be there to mend the pieces with what's left of her own anyway.

11. One Less Lonely Girl

I think this one sounds a billion times better than the racist version, yes or nah?

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