Justin Bieber Hosted SNL, Teenage Girls Everywhere Lost Their Minds (And Voices)

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I guess even blizzards can't even deter true Justin Bieber Beliebers from supporting their god, because I don't think SNL has had that many teenage girls in the audience since, well, ever.  [Side note: some of those girls looked old enough to be Bieber Babysitters if you ask me. It was weird.]

Anyhoo… the show wasn't as awful as I was expecting, but I did keep looking at the clock to see when it would end so I could go to bed. It won't be too soon if I never see The Californians again, but I will say the Biebs did a pretty good job withe Californian “accent.” Here are some moments from last night's SNL that were worth staying up for:

1.) The return of the Miley Cyrus show and debut of Miley's new ‘do.
Justin Bieber also took this as an opportunity to apologize for smoking weed because “sometimes people make mistakes and it will never happen again.”  It was weed, dude, not bath salts.  But I'm sure the uptight white moms of his biggest fans needed to be reassured.

2.) Weekend Update: Corey, The One Black Guy In Every Commercial
This was amazing.  I don't know if I loved this because I've worked in more than one marketing department where there were actual meetings held to discuss how much “diversity” should be used in branding campaigns, or if I loved it because this is exactly how I pigeonhole every privileged young person living in New York who thinks they're so “different” and not “mainstream” but they're actually exactly like millions of other hipsters who wouldn't be there without their parents' money.

3.) Protective Brother
Taran Killam is the reason I will now be using the word “glice” at least 6 times this week. “I'm all outta snake food.”  I think we all know someone who has a brother like this.  The fact that he's harassing the Biebs just makes it 10x funnier.

4.) Justin Bieber's Monologue
I admit it, I cracked up a few times watching Justin serenade young girls in the audience while spouting out things like “Denzel Washington invented the peanut.”  Whoopi Goldberg's cameo? Perfect.

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