Hey Justin Bieber Fans, Please Stop Cutting Yourselves, Thanks

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The 40th Anniversary American Music Awards 2012Hey Justin Bieber fans. I have a crazy idea! Let's not be idiots, yeah? Just because this singer you like does something you don't like, aka smoke-ah la ganja (allegedly), let's not do horrible things to our bodies, right? Cool.

Starting as a ‘joke' on 4chan, users posing as Beliebers got the hashtags #CutForBieber and #CuttingForBieber to trend on Twitter, including pictures of their supposed self-inflicted injuries. Now I'm assuming and hoping that most of the images are fake, since that seems like 4chan's MO, but if it was trending worldwide, I have to believe that some people were induced to go along with this. I mean he has some fans who are preeeetty young, which is clearly what the perpetrators of the hoax were counting on, saying:

“Lets start a cut yourself for bieber campaign. Tweet a bunch of pics of people cutting themselves and claim we did it because bieber was smoking weed. See if we can get some little girls to cut themselves.”

Come on, guys. Can't you pick on someone a little more self-aware and a little less preteen? These are the same Beliebers who joined together in support of Justin by shaving their heads when they mistakenly got cancer. The same ones who were tricked into giving their personal information to a pedophile who claimed to be Justin, and in some cases actually perpetrating acts of abuse on their younger family members on-camera for the pervert.

I don't even know what way best to get at this. Let's not target young gullible kids for pranks, but also let's not go slicing our skin to implore some pop star not to smoke weed. This is getting out of control.

(Image: Apega / WENN.com)