Justin Bieber Has Graduated To Hot-Boxing An Entire Plane, Pilot Included

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Justin Bieber performing Believe tour in Vegas June 2013Justin Bieber is making great strides as an artist, you guys. I say ‘as an artist' because he just wants to be known for his music, but I think we're all clear on the fact that what really what I'm talking about is smoking marijuana. You understand, right? That's the only thing he's getting better at these days — smoking pot. And guys, not only is he improving — he's getting close to going platinum.

Case in point: on a recent cross-country flight, Justin and his crew allegedly smoked so much weed that they essentially turned their plane into a floating bong. The pilot of the private jet said that when he opened the door of the crew's SUV on the tarmac, so much smoke billowed out that “I almost had to put on an oxygen mask.” Man, you guys! You Beliebers! You should be so proud! Rarely are the fruits of an artist's labors so visible to the outside eye! Justin is so focused on the music that it billows around his head in great clouds. His love of art is so strong that it almost hot-boxed the pilot of a plane.

“It was like ‘Cheech and Chong Up In Smoke,” says the pilot, making a reference to a movie that was essentially the Harold and Kumar of its time. Apparently, members of Justin's posse were smoking Swisher Sweet blunt cigars — which, incidentally, are legal to smoke when you're flying private, unlike baggies of white powder — and Justin was ‘baked out of his mind' during the flight.

Man. Isn't it inspiring to see a young kid so intoxicated by his own creativity? We should all be so in touch with our reserves of inner talent that all we can do is stare glassy-eyed out into a cloud of our own ideas. Justin was so overcome by his own genius that apparently when the pilot produced the credit card authorization for Justin to sign, he said, “Huh, what? Who am I signing this for?”

For the music, Justin. For the music.

[Note: this article originally and mistakenly reported that the clouds of smoke came out of the plane door when it was opened; it actually came out of the SUV, and the post has been edited to reflect that. Apologies for the error — would it make it more acceptable if I told you I was baked out of my mind?]

(Image: Judy Eddy / WENN.com)