Here’s The (Alleged) Video That A Woman Took Of Wittle Justin Bieber Taking A Nappy Nap

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justin bieber filmed sleeping in brazilAs one of this country's foremost tiredologists, I can say on the record that there's nothing more exhausting than commencing a Tour de WTF on top of a regular music tour. So it shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone that Justin Bieber took a few minutes to catch some shuteye in Brazil. Between visiting a brothel, throwing a girls-only chicken nugget slumber party, surviving a rogue water bottle attack and campaigning for Breezy's freedom via graffiti, the kid was just plumb tuckered out.

What does come as a surprise is that his management didn't confiscate this girl's phone before leaving him alone in a room with Bieber. “Whoa, back up!”I can hear you saying, “what girl? what room? what phone?” Well we don't know much right now, including if this is actually Bieber or just another tired kid with questionable taste in tattoos. But we do know that some girl filmed Bieber (or “Bieber”) sleeping and then a Youtube user named Filipe Golay uploaded it yesterday with the title, “Justin Bieber sleeping with Girl in Brasil (REAL and ORIGINAL VIDEO).” As we all know from spending way too much time on the interweb, when someone says REAL in all caps, there's a good 47% chance that it's authentic.

There's also a good chance that this girl didn't sleep with him and was instead just hired to help him change into his jammies (his other white beater), read him his favorite bedtime story (the Never Say Never script) and put him to bed (on an offensively large couch bed)…aka a babysitter. Watch it now before Uncle Scooter wakes up and gets it pulled from the internet.