Justin Bieber Might Be Slurping Sizzurp, Possibly Confusing It With Juicy Juice

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Justin Bieber Might Be Slurping Sizzurp  Possibly Confusing It With Juicy Juice tumblr mvbm48bdZF1sncvaso1 500 gif








So Justin Bieber, might be a fan of that purple drank known as sizzurp. We know things haven’t been going well for Justin lately. He was accused of hurling eggs at his neighbor’s home, causing $20,000 in damage. Then police showed up and raided his home only to find drugs in plain sight. Then they arrested Bieber’s friend Lil Za, who then got arrested again inside the jail for damaging a phone. The explanation for all this behavior, could allegedly be sizzurp. According to TMZ, a series of sources say that Bieber has been using sizzurp regularly.

Sizzurp, if you are unfamiliar, is typically a codeine-based drink mixed with sodas or juices. It’s a dangerous drug and can even trigger seizures. It’s the same drink that landed Lil Wayne in the hospital. It’s a big deal.

Justin, sweet baby Justin, you are an enigma to me. Remember that time you wore those bizarre pants to meet the Canadian Prime Minister? That was weird. I know you are one to make poor decisions but sizzurp? That’s a very big deal. You are only nineteen years old, the other kids your age are returning to college from winter break or interning at their dad’s company and what are you doing? Allegedly egging homes drinking sizzurp? I’m all for you being a kid while you can but this is too much. How about instead you cram for a Bio final or ignore your RA’s invites to parties? No? Well I tried.

Seriously, though if Justin is battling an addition and needs help then he should definitely get it. His behavior has been odd, even for him. I mean we all remember Amanda Bynes’ behavior spiraling out of control before she sought help. I hope if Justin Bieber really is dealing with something as serious as an addiction he can seek the help he needs to get back on track to make music and wear strange pants.

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