Looks Like Justin Bieber And Scooter Braun Had Themselves A Porn-y Little Photoshoot

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Justin Bieber dancing shirtless tattoos GIF(via)

I feel like this is a valid question every day, but seriously this time — what was Justin Bieber up to last night? He went on a weird little Instagram spree, and it looks like he and his manager Scooter Braun got into some nonsense.

Justin is essentially unemployed right now, so my mental image is that he just wanders bored around his house while Scooter scurries after him, offering up activities that might keep him amused. “Do you want to go egging? Are you sure? Maybe just hold some eggs in your hand for a while and see how you feel? Or maybe we should prank call Selena Gomez? Pretend we're breaking up with her again? You'd like that, wouldn't you? Or get a tattoo? Ooooh Justin! You love tattoos! Or I could make another video of you saying the n-word? This is your night buddy, you just let me know.”

And apparently last night they settled on taking really sensual photos of Justin shirtless and in various stages of working out, rippling muscles catching the light artistically as he sulked into the camera. Because c'mon! Who among us hasn't done a sultry gym photo shoot with our father figure while home on a Thursday night? I know for me, it doesn't feel like a true workout unless someone properly documents me gazing smolderingly at a dumbbell or contemplating my happy trail as I do some shirtless crunches.

And when you get tired of that, you always play a game of hide-and-go-seek with your budddy! I know it sounds like a really challenging game, but if your babysitter is nice like Scooter, he'll hide somewhere easy like your glass-walled steam room.

Being a kid is fun!