Before Justin Bieber Mocks His Critics, He Should Learn What The Word Mocks Means

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Justin Bieber shirtless 2013 instagram mock

Justin Bieber continues to the best PSA we've ever had for why kids should complete high school. Or at the very least, attend for just one day.  Because when you don't go, you end up like Justin Bieber — a modern day Beverly Hillbilly who's so self-involved that he actually had the audacity to wonder if a teenage Holocaust victim would be a Belieber. The story would be funny if it weren't true.

And now, to add insult to his management team's injury, he's striking back at people who make fun of him for continually taking shirtless pics….by taking more shortless pics. Another sign that he doesn't quite understand mockery, irony or monkey ownership. (Fine, fine, fine, the monkey ownership thing is a whole other story. I just made a personal goal of bringing it up at least once a week.)

His captions for these new photos are “Uh oh @justinbieber is losing it taking shirtless pics in the mirror” -funny people” and “”Breaking news worldwide@justinbieber just posted 2 shirtless pictures he must be going crazy”-funny people #forthefansanyways#dontbecreepin :p”

Justin Bieber topless photo april 2013 instagram

While he's clearly attempting to make fun of everyone who makes fun of him, he fails completely. Mostly because he's an idiot. Also because this is what happens when you surround a teenage boy with people who say yes to everything he wants. And then give him millions of dollars on top of that.

Wouldn't the pics be funnier if he was wearing a shirt? On top of another shirt? ON TOP OF ANOTHER SHIRT? Because it would like “who's topless now!?!” Rather than what we have at the moment which is just two more photos him looking pretty pleased with what he sees in the mirror. Also, for the last time Bieber, pull up your pants! I'm so sick of you making me say old people things like that.

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