Sigh Of Relief: Justin Bieber Drama Starting To Look More Like A PR Stunt, Less Like A Sex Tape

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Is someone eating seafood? Because all of this Justin Bieber drama's starting to smell pretty fishy. Like sushi sitting in the back of your fridge that you totally forgot about and goddamit that was expensive sushi and now it's leaking salmonella all over the place.

It all started on Wednesday when Bieber claimed that someone stole his laptop and phone with personal footage. While I mentioned in my nine-time Emmy-nominated docu-blog yesterday that he's pretty dumb for pointing out his phone and laptop have personal footage, I didn't think twice about it. From what we know of Bieber, he's pretty dumb.

Then yesterday a Twitter account that goes by the name of Gexwy popped up that claimed to have Bieber's super scandalous personal footage. He/She/PR Company proved it by tweeting out personal videos of Bieber…with the insinuation that there's a lot more where that came from and it's all going to drop at noon today.

And I hope so because the personal footage released so far makes Bieber look fun, light-hearted and at one point, capable of swimming. We should all have this kind of scandalous video footage floating around out there.

However our gal pals over at Teen noted that the increased interaction between Justin Bieber, Gexwy and surprise guest star Nicki Minaj started to look a little suspicious. Because c'mon, can't Justin Bieber call Twitter and get Gexwy's personal info?!

“But then things REALLY got extra weird, and downright suspect, when Justin tweeted and Facebooked “noon” to all his followers a little while later…In the midst of all the Twitter chatter, Justin also retweeted this tweet from Nicki Minaj saying “uh oh…the barbz have a BIG surprise cmng tmrw.'”

This wackily-timed coincidence caused some buzz around the blogosphere over what's really going down at at noon and most people are starting to think that it could just be a publicity stunt for his upcoming music video for “Beauty and the Beat” with Nicki Minaj.

Especially since ONTD claims that a private thumbnail of the video looks just like a clip from his “leaked” personal footage.

Stacy Hinjosa of Teen says, “So I’m calling this now. Justin’s music video (or maybe just the trailer) for ‘Beauty And A Beat’ featuring Nicki Minaj is dropping at noon.”

And to that we say THANK HEAVENS. The last thing we need floating around is a Justin Bieber sex tape. I'm still working through the first stage of grief with my therapist over the Hulk Hogan leak and I frankly can't handle another one.

So let's all bow our heads and pray together that Justin Bieber drops his “Beauty and the Beat” video at noon — and not his pants.