Justin Bieber’s Response To Seth Rogen’s Insults Just Proves How Right Seth Is

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Justin Bieber laughing

We all know Justin Bieber is terrible, and sometimes celebrities like Jon Hamm or Seth Rogen are brave enough to point that out. In Seth's case, however, Bieber actually took his attention away from breaking the law and disrespecting other cultures long enough to catch wind of the insult. Bieber chose to respond to Seth's diss on Twitter, and instead of making himself look sympathetic he only proved just how right Seth was to insult him.

First, a quick recap of Seth's diss. Seth tweeted that Justin was a “piece of shit” back in January, and earlier this week he was asked by Howard Stern to explain himself. He said that Bieber basically had no self-awareness when he met him and lived up to all his awful expectations. Then he was asked to explain that explanation on Today yesterday, to which he responded, “I don't know anyone who likes Justin Bieber.” Me neither, Seth. Me neither.

Here's what Bieber tweeted this morning in response to Seth's comments:

Sigh. Let's go through this bit by bit, shall we? First off, he spells Seth's last name wrong, and I'm honestly surprised he didn't just call him Seth MacFarlane or Seth Meyers or Seth Green, so he actually exceeded my expectations there. Second, are we really still using “2” and “u” instead of spelling words out? I know he only had 140 characters to work with, but really? Third, hahahaha to the suggestion that Justin Bieber is capable of being shy. That's a good one. Fourth, there are very few things as annoying as when someone gives a sarcastic apology or response to an insult and then finishes up with anything similar to “I love your work!”

Still Team Seth. Forever Team Seth. Team All the Seths, to be honest.

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