The Justin Bieber Love Triangle Thickens — Barbara Plavin Says Selena Gomez Started The Drama

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Justin Bieber Barbara PlavinIs Justin Bieber really this much of a hot commodity that both these gorgeous girls need to be fighting over him? Really guys? Victoria's Secret model Barbara Palvin is now speaking out for some reason, saying that the drama that provided the catalyst for the Jelena breakup was caused by Selena Gomez, not her. Ohhh girl, you better be careful. Both these little kidlets have enormous fan-bases, and you are dipping your pinkie toe into some very dangerous, Selenator-infested waters.

You remember Barbara, don't you? She was the one who Justin went to see Lion King with on Broadway riiiight before he and Selena broke up, right when all those infidelity rumors were flying. The rumor on the internet was that Justin and Barbara were whispering Victoria's Secrets into each others' ears…aka banging…and Selena wasn't too into that. But months and months after the fact, Barbara is striking back and starting her own rumors, namely:

“You know how the drama started? Selena re-tweeted the picture.”

Justin Bieber, Lil' Twist and Barbara Palvin

The picture she's talking to is above — a picture of Justin, Lil‘ Twist, and Barbara in the background. Selena apparently re-tweeted that with the caption “….” Aka “Justin, you're in trouble”, for all those of you who can't read fluent Twittergirl speak. Barbara continues:

“I'm okay to talk about it because I know there's nothing. I wanted to meet him real bad. I watched his movie (Justin Bieber: Never Say Never) and I was like: ‘He's such a cool kid, I want to meet him.' And then when I did at the Victoria's Secret show we met and of course we had a conversation and then I took the picture with him.”

Oookay maybe, but how did you end up going to see the show together? Oh, you have an explanation for that, too? Wonderful, let's hear it.

 “It was my sister's first time in New York and we so wanted to go to Broadway, but there were no more tickets. I just came up and was telling him: ‘My sister is here, but she's sad because we can't go to Broadway, no more tickets.' And he was like: ‘Well, I can get you one.' And his friends came . . . like six people and then me, my sister and agent. So friends. We didn't hang out, that's the funny part.”

You're right, Barbara. That's hilarious. Even more hilarious than the shit you're gonna take from both of their fans, you tiny beautiful human.

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