Just When You Think Jelena Is Dead, It Rises From The Grave With A New Duet

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Just When You Think Jelena Is Dead  It Rises From the Grave With a New Duet selenagomez justinbieber jpg

We thought we were safe. We thought that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were finally over, give or take a couple of new songs about their relationship on their respective albums. But it’s close to Halloween, so we really should have been expecting Jelena to rise from the dead and hobble towards us like a hideous zombie in the form of a new duet. Well, “new” is a tricky word. It’s new to the public’s ears, but it might not necessarily be that new in terms of existence. Or at least I hope it’s not.

The song is reportedly titled “Strong.” It was leaked over the weekend on Drake’s OVO Sound Radio and was subsequently deleted. But we all know the Internet is forever, so of course the song was uploaded by fans. (Listen to it below while it still exists.) The lyrics seem to involve Justin and Selena bemoaning their relationship troubles, with Selena singing, “I’m just wishing you were better at communication” and “wishing I was better with the distance.” Bieber sings “you’re the only one I’m really missing” and “gotta be strong.” It’s like listening in on a very soulful couples therapy session.

One has to wonder a few things about this song. For starters, when was it recorded? It sounds like it was at least towards the end of their relationship based on the subject matter, but they’ve been so on and off that God knows when that really was. What was the purpose of the song? Did they ever intend for it to be released? Will it be released? Selena’s new album Revival just came out and didn’t feature this track, but Justin’s Purpose is set to be released next month. Will “Strong” be on it, or could this “leak” just be a way to drum up publicity?

If this song really is for Bieber’s new album, Selena’s comments about being sick of questions about Bieber are going to look pretty hypocritical. On the other hand, if Bieber leaked an old duet without her approval… then he’s just as much of a douche as everyone already knew he was, so no surprise there.

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