Oh Y’Know, Just A Picture Of Justin Bieber Taking A Nap On Selena Gomez’s Shoulder

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I have bad news for all you Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez fans who are still trying to convince yourselves that Jelena isn't back together — unless this photo of the two of them cuddling has been Photoshopped, they definitely are.

Honestly, I don't know why the video of the two of them at that birthday party wasn't enough to convince most of you, but somehow it wasn't, so here we find ourselves. Even though Selena was pretty obviously putting her arm around Justin in the video, fans said that wasn't proof that they're together, that people do that to their friends all the time. But you know what people don't usually do to their friends? Fall asleep all snoozed up next to them like a cuddle bug, like Justin is in this picture.

It was posted by Justin's friend Jason ‘Poo Bear' Boyd (which yes, is a real name that we are calling humans by now) to his Shots account, presumably as payback for that time Justin posted a photo to Instagram of Poo Bear holding a baggie containing some type of white powder that people suspected might be drugs.

Anyway, in the photo, you can clearly see Justin napping away on Selena's shoulder as she sits rigidly upright. It's like even though they're back together, she's still not that into it. Maybe because he's A. wearing sunglasses both indoors and while asleep and B. she has no idea whom he's been napping on since they last parted ways. We have video proof that he napped in front of Tati Neves, that Brazillian woman who seemed for a minute like she might be a prostitute, and there are rumors that he might have napped…um…inside at least two other girls, allegedly getting them pregnant. (With nap babies, obv.)

But regardless of whether or not those rumors are true, we finally have confirmation that Jelena is indeed back together, so I'll be expecting your ‘I'm Sorry We Doubted You' Edible Arrangements any day now.